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Fresh Air?
The air is composed of 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen and 1% the rest. But if these ingredients are mixed or contaminated with other ingredient the air will be changed into a contaminant (bad smell) that have a bad
effect on keeping on our living and breathing. We will do our best to remove a bad smell generated in the
wastewater treatment process by any chance at the lowest level and also have the sense of duty that
‘Fresh Air’ must be surely in existence under any circumstances
-  FRP Cover for the sludge thickener, the aeration tank and the chamber which makes foul smells
-  FRP DUCT and FITTINGS to transport the contaminated GAS
-  FRP Abaorption tower, FRP scrubber, FRP blower, FRP pump
-  FRP Grating
-  Pipes and machinery equipments
Product Picture
▲ Aeration tank ▲ Sludge thickener