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Features of FRP AIR FOIL FAN
-  Possible to use with little troubles, semi-permanent and resistance corrosive for a chemical gas because
   the FRP Impeller and casing contacted to a gas are composed of the ultra corrosion resistance resin.
-  Possible to use with economic operation because of high efficiency rate (70~85%), wide-ranging of wind
   pressure and volume in the FRP Impeller and casing. (Electric power cost is 15% less than stainless steel fan)
-  Few loss of operation and poor noise.
-  Possible to produce up to the air flow 4,000 m3/min (max) and wind pressure 400mmAq (max).
-  be a safe operation under the overload because an axis power is characteristic of a load limit when the air
   flow is maximum .
Merit and Demerit of FRP AIR FOIL FAN
+ Merit
 -  High efficiency, corrosion resistance and good-looking.
 -  Easy to inspect.
 -  Easy to disassemble with the bushing type of Pulley and Impeller.
 -  No corrosion with corrosion resistance resion.
 -  Easy to disassemble the whole Fan.
 -  Easy to maintain with the SAFE COVER on the Belt, Motor, Bearing etc.

 - Bigger than the Turbo fan.
FRP AIR FOIL FAN Specification
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Model selection graph
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Product picture